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Mobile App

Defining the problem, identifying the scope and finally, organising the design roadmap to bring out 100% of every project.

Check out some of my earlier summaries

Climate Action Needs New Frontline Leadership

A community organizer for indigenous rights, environmental justice, and climate justice, spoke about the need for a shift in leadership in order to address the climate crisis. She argued that world leaders are not moving with the urgency that is needed and that they are not listening to the expertise of those who are most affected by climate change. She called for a shift in leadership that is focused on community and the land and that is moving with the urgency that people are feeling harm and hurt today.

Ozawa Bineshi Albert

TED | Youtube | 14m

Are You Living Your Dream?

The episode discusses the idea that people should pursue their dreams, even if they seem unrealistic, because technology has created opportunities that didn't exist in the past. It also argues that most people don't pursue their dreams because they are afraid, and that this fear is the biggest obstacle to success.

the speaker is saying that if you are passionate about something, you can make a lot of money doing it. They give the example of a football podcast, and say that if you love what you're doing, you will put hours and hours into it and become a master of it. They encourage the listener to think outside the box and not let themselves be held back.

Rob Dial

Spotify | 16m

The Art of Becoming a Better Listener

In her book "Listen Like You Mean It: Reclaiming the Lost Art of True Connection," Ximena Vengoechea recommends striving to become a better listener as a resolution for 2022. She argues that listening is just as important as presentation skills, if not more so, and that we often don't pay enough attention to it. Vengoechea offers a few quick tips to help build humility, curiosity, and empathy into everyday listening habits, as well as advice tailored to different levels within an organization. For example, she suggests that managers match their mode to the moment and that direct reports be clear and explicit with their needs.

Ximena Vengoechea

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